Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Daphne's Room

My love for Dinky Baby all started after I had my daughter in 2006.  Daphne is my first and only girl after having two boys.  And while I love my boys, I couldn't share my love of dolls with them.  I don't think I ever truly outgrew dolls!  When Daphne was born, I remembered the fantastic dolls my mom and aunt made for me when I was young and couldn't wait to make something like that for her.  I decided to tackle sewing and started searching for patterns.  I happened upon Dinky Baby's website and fell in love.  The dolls I saw there were so cute, cuter than I could imagine.  I decided on a pattern and some fabric and clicked in my order.  I couldn't wait for it to arrive!  It did and I've been a hopeless Dinky Baby addict ever since.  My first dolls were something short of perfect ;) but I thought they were wonderful and making them gave me something to be passionate about.  And Daphne loves them too.  She thinks they are all for her and has adopted many of them simply because she can't/won't let them go.  Sometimes they just disappear from my sewing alcove.  I'll find them in her room, tucked into her dolly beds, taking their naps.  I decided to call my business Daphne's Room

I've made Dinky Babies for gifts and to sell and to swap, but I make them mostly because I love the process of seeing that little face appear in what was just a piece of fabric.  
Rhonda Wiederstein
Texas, USA

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