Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Have Always Loved Making Baby Dolls........

I have always loved making baby dolls, My name is Joann Bevan and having 3 daughters was the perfect excuse..They had to have baby dolls of their own to hug and cuddle. My son even liked them..
I lost my job of 9 years, the catalog company I was working for sold the business, relocated to South Dakota. I was living in Bluffton, SC and no way was I going to move that far away to keep my job..
Then I was diagnosed with colon cancer, I was home bound. I did a lot of searching on the internet for something to keep me busy, when I found soft sculpture dolls, I wanted to start my own online business of handmade crafts and when I came across Vicki's DinkyBaby Ebay site, I fell in love with those fatty cheeks. I emailed Vicki with my interests, I was really excited when she emailed me back with the Distributor first pattern arrived I had to stop everything and make her that same day, boy was I in love and  hooked on them, I wanted to have every pattern she had to offer..Then I made Danny G, what a adorable monkey, Everytime I make a Dinky Baby Doll or one of her Dinky animals, My grandchildren grab them and find some reason why they should be able to keep them for themselves.
I do like to donate them to unfortuneate children, It is so rewarding to know that a handmade DinkyBaby doll that I have made makes a special little person put a smile on their face and very happy. I have donated babies to the SC HUGS program with Nora and the March of Dimes Preemie organizations with Lynne.
Happy Sewing
Joann Bevan

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