Friday, November 20, 2009

I Met Them By Chance On Walks in the Net.....

My name is Ariane Pedrosa and I live in a tourist town called Figueira da Foz, located in the center of the Country, Portugal.
I Love the DinkyBabies!
I met them by chance on my walks in the net.  I was amazed and immediately sought more information and I went to the site.  Of course I did not rest until I did one of these babies.  I just love the newborn.  I think that appeals to our maternal instinct.  I find myself dressing and treat them like real babies!
Congratulations to Vicky who managed to convey sensitivity to rag dolls.
I know them relatively little time and maybe so may not be a very interesting story to tell.  I am making known DinkyBabies around here, Portugal.
But, I'm a fan with pride!

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